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Luxurious condominiums and upscale coastal living is what defines The Palmilla at Port Aransas. To attract wealthy buyers, it was imperative the logo portray a sense of luxury, elegance and wealth. It was also important that the look and feel of this campaign instill a sense of calm and serenity. Taking cues from the name, I thought an abstraction of a palm frond to create an elegant sunrise instilled the level of sophistication and luxury the client wanted.

For their stationery system, I selected a very simple but elegant off-white semi-smooth paper stock and applied their logo and typography in a minimalist fashion. The print collateral piece was printed and placed in newspapers in specific zip codes correlating to our target audience. Again, portraying an upscale and elegant lifestyle was imperative. Overall, the design of this campaign was simple and understated creating a modern and elegant image for our client.