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  • annual report, graphs, print
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  • annual report, print
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Christus Health is a Catholic health ministry intent on being a leader and innovator to improve the health of the patients and communities they serve. I was tasked with creating an annual report that would reflect their mission, values and vision.

To cut straight to the heart of what this client wanted to portray, I decided an image of a simple wooden rosary in the palm of an open hand would immediately set the stage for the rest of this piece. To add a bit more flare, the cross is hit with a spot-varnish adding a nice sheen.

Throughout the piece, photography and body copy alternate pages to create a nice rhythm and flow. To add a bit more of the “personal” touch I decided to highlight certain words using a “handwritten” script typeface. Paired with a classic serif typeface, this combination creates visual interest and adds needed warmth.

Overall, the design is meant to imbue quality, care and an unwavering dedication to serve those in need.